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Manifesting your desire using the Law of Attraction along with the Law of Detachment

mediumMarie Medium Marie Wednesday, May 1st 2013.

If you've studied or experimented with the Law of Attraction for any length of time you've probably asked yourself  "why am I still getting what I don't want?"

The Law of Attraction operates on an energetic level - drawing and magnetizing comparable energy; energy and experiences that are vibrationally attuned with our most dominant thoughts. When we desire something, we launch a vibration that begins to bring that experience into our lives. So from a purely Universal standpoint, if you're attracting what you do not desire, then you are vibrating at that level. And it follows that your vibration must also be out of sync with what you do want (or you'd have it already).

So it follows that everything in your current reality is a perfect vibrational match to you. Today - this instant - the way things are match perfectly to the way you are. If you want something different then you have to change your vibration to reflect this change (if it were already a match then that which you wish to manifest would already be part of your reality).

For example, you are using the Law of Attraction to manifest a new relationship:
You may want a manifest a healthy relationship with an athletic partner, but you personally haven't seen a gym in months and you eating habit leave a lot to be desired. Get a gym membership! Become physically active. If physical health is important to you in a partner, your partner needs to see the same values reflected in yourself.

Once you go through your list and develop what was lacking within yourself - a partner that matches you energetic level will appear. Whatever attracts you, the same will be attracted to you. In short: in order for you to attract someone with the qualities you want, you have to be those qualities first. Within your core and not superficially. This is why many Spiritual Advisors advise you to "work on yourself."

However, habits, thought patterns, self talk and limiting beliefs all work behind the scenes to keep us from progressing forward to attaining our goals. The result is that we stubbornly stay stuck in the same reality with the stuff we don't want anymore. And when that happens, we find ourselves attached that our desire is not attainable. Which is a cycle of frustration.

The good news is that it's possible to break this cycle, adjusting your vibration so that the things you want can appear in your reality. It just takes an understanding of how the Law of Attraction works along with the Law of Detachment.

The Law of Detachment says that we must relinquish our attachment to our desire in order to manifest it.

This law is the second of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism
2. The origin of suffering is attachment.
The origin of suffering is attachment to transient things and the ignorance thereof. Transient things do not only include the physical objects that surround us, but also ideas, and -in a greater sense- all objects of our perception. Ignorance is the lack of understanding of how our mind is attached to impermanent things. The reasons for suffering are desire, passion, and our, pursuit of wealth and prestige, striving for fame and popularity, or in short: craving and clinging. Because the objects of our attachment are transient, their loss is inevitable, thus suffering will necessarily follow. Objects of attachment also include the idea of a "self" which is a delusion, because there is no abiding self. What we call "self" is just an imagined entity, and we are merely a part of the ceaseless becoming of the universe.

For example, it's easy to see how we are attached to other people, truly believing that our happiness somehow depends on them. We can also easily see how we are attached to food, pleasure, or comfort.

We maintain the belief that our emotional well-being is inextricably linked to having what we believe will make us happy. But holding these beliefs guarantees that we cannot be deeply satisfied, because we will always be anxious at the thought of losing what we believe makes us happy. If we wish to be really happy, we have to give up our attachments.

We can find attachments everywhere: to our accomplishments, to identities based on how others see us, to our occupation, to where we live, to what kind of car we drive. We can certainly find our attachments to another person being a particular way, based on the belief that we need them to be a certain way for us to be happy. But love, or the happiness that we naturally derive from love, is not based on need. And to the extent that we are attached to the fulfillment of our needs, we cannot really love.

Let's look at what detachment is and what it is not. We are attached when we feel that we will not be satisfied until or unless we get what we want (our desires fulfilled) therefore we are 'attached' to the outcome. Desire alone without faith, willingness, confidence, acceptance, expectation and/or certainty yields a vibrationally descending or repelling space. Desire alone is not enough to manifest our dreams.

Detachment does not require that we give up our desire. Detachment is not apathy or indifference. Effective detachment never feels negative - ever! Effective detachment feels freeing! Detachment simply means that no matter what we have in life - we will not be crushed if it is taken from us or if we never receive it. It means we have the attitude of total trust in life to give us what it is for our own highest good and spiritual advantage. When we are successfully detached from the outcome; we can trust in our greater good; like we are absolutely certain that all that we desire is already ours.

Think about the men and women that you've met that always seem to have a relationship. The ones that are never single long and when they are single - they get asked out and pursued more than anyone else. What do they have in common? -- Confidence and Detachment. They are confident that they will have a relationship and they are detached from having to have one. You might hear them say, "I like them but I could care less, if he or she calls me back." Or you might here them say, "I didn't even want a relationship and I found one!"

You want to use this confidence and detachment to your advantage. When you can say, "I am in the moment, creating and enjoying my life as it is today - and I don't care when (remove the timeline) my desired outcome arrives," and mean it - then you are in harmony with allowing - then you are detached and then you will attract what you set out to manifest.

At any given moment, you can ask the questions: Where do my attachments lie right now? What someone or something do I believe I can’t be content without?