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Mercury Retrograde - Is it hype?

vicd108 Vic DiCara - Astrologer Sunday, August 7th 2011.


People go off their rockers about "mercury retrograde."

Its a regular occurrence, folks. It happens a few times every year. And each time it lasts for quite a while, about a month more or less.

That's a frequent, long time. During this time if you have any problem figuring things out or communicating you go, "OH DAMN, ITS MERCURY RETROGRADE!" Since it lasts for quite a while during that time you are pretty sure to have some problem big or small with communicating or understanding. When the nearly inevitable glitch arises we say, "OH WOW, MERCURY RETROGRADE ALWAYS MAKES ME HAVE PROBLEMS!"

It's sloppy astrology, thats all.

We need to get beyond grasping for any straw that will seem to explain a situation, otherwise its hardly a science.

Do you really have no communication problems when Mercury is not retrograde? All your problems, or even the vast majority, always happen when Mercury is retrograde? Seriously? Are you keeping good notes on this, or what?

Last week my Hard Disk failed, I lost all sorts of files, formulas, personally created software, etc (not totally lost, but inaccessible until I feel like paying lots of money). That's a classic "Mercury Retrograde" event, right? Right. Except it happened when Mercury was not retrograde.

It happened when Mercury was in my 8th house, and just moved into transit alignment with Ketu and Rahu - while I was in a 4th and 5th level dasha cycle of Rahu.

That may not be a complete astrological explanation of the event, but it sure is a hell of a lot better than crying "Mercury retrograde!" or something else like, "Mercury retrograde was coming soon!"

- Vic DiCara