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Mercury Retrograde - these upcoming aspects aren't for the faint of heart

LaraNoel Lara Thursday, October 2nd 2014.

We have a very active 48 hours ahead of us, and because Mercury is Stationing Retrograde in the middle of it, expect a lot of miscommunications, confusion, internal processing and in general things not turning out they way we expect. What occurs today, may not be fully understood until Mercury goes Direct in Libra at 16 degrees on October 25th.

First we have Venus in Libra Inconjunct Neptune in Pisces at 5 degrees at 7:30 tonight, then Sun in Libra Square Pluto at 11 degrees, then Mars in Sagittarius Square Chiron at 14 degrees, then Mercury goes Retrograde in Scorpio at 2 degrees, then Mars in Sag trines Uranus in Aries at 14 degrees. So anyone with planets or points between 12-15 degrees or 1-6 degrees around the zodiac is feeling this particularly strong. And if you’re an Aries or Aries Rising you’re especially in the line of fire with not only your ruling planet being so activated, but also the upcoming eclipse in your sign.

There’s lots of potential for emotional conflicts and power struggles today specifically in our relationships, and specifically around how our personal perspectives, beliefs, and individuality fit, or don’t fit, into our relationships. We may also find ourselves in an internal conflict with our need for freedom and self expression, and the need to fulfill the values we desire in relationship. All these aspects and themes are setting the tone for this Mercury Retrograde, and actually the whole month of October, and allows us the opportunity to dig deep within our psyches, transform and harmonize these places within ourselves, and within our relationships.

Venus/Neptune is forcing us to take extra care in all financial and love related issues today as we may not be seeing things as clearly as we would like. We may even find ourselves disappointed, betrayed, or deluded. Our initial response may be to avoid conflict or wallow is self-pity or victimization, but this won’t last for long! Sun Square Pluto and Mars Square Chiron will be activating our urge to fight and stand up for ourselves. Squares create tension and conflict, two things that Venus and Sun in Libra would much rather avoid. But the conflict serves a purpose, which is to push us to our edge of comfort so that we may transform.

These two aspects help illuminate our feelings of Injustice, our spiritual beliefs, our wounds and fears, our Ego desires, our anger, and the repercussions of our actions. We are also questioning our Identity and may discover what wounded parts of ourselves we’d rather keep hidden. With Pluto involved and Mercury Stationing in Scorpio, we get a double dose of the unearthing of our hidden traumas and pain that may make us feel out of control, raw and exposed. Our shadow sides emerge along with our most sensitive wounds, and can create a recipe for impulsive lashing out and defensiveness. Our actions may be misguided and cause more pain, but if you’re up for the challenge, theres amazing potential for healing and understanding if we can breathe through it.

With Mercury in Scorpio, you can bet that our words have some stinging power behind them, so be mindful in all your communications, should you choose to address the issues coming up with another. It may be more appropriate to let the intensity of emotions pass before discussing anything. With Mars so active right now though, this will not be easy. And most importantly during these next couple weeks, with the high intensity eclipses and Mercury retrograde, careful on the roads, be mindful of your surroundings, because accidents are more likely than usual now!

And… to top it off! during all this, the Moon will be in Aquarius which is great to give some distance to our emotions, but it will be both Opposing Jupiter and Squaring Saturn, which may only amplify our emotions and desire to break free, disconnect, and withdrawal from others. On a Collective Level, we may see more people activating and coming together to fight for injustices, for their religious and spiritual beliefs, but the consequences of their actions may be met with tough authoritative backlash.

The possible Light at the end of the tunnel comes Saturday night with the Mars/Uranus Trine. This energy could go different ways. One possible outcome is sudden and unexpected anger being unleashed in order to express ones views and beliefs, or wounds that have surfaced. With so much Pluto and Scorpio involved, power over/under themes are strongly in play and quite uncomfortable. However, With ALL this energy circulating now, HUMILITY is the word of the day! Pluto/Scorpio holds tight to the Ego and Mars in Sagittarius wants to make others believe in what he believes in. If we can find humility and actively listen to others, we have a better chance of healing some wounds and finding harmony, which Sun/Venus/North Node in Libra so desire!

We may also find that our creative pursuits, if previously muddled or lacking, will be forced to the surface through all the tense aspects. We’ll be focused and determined to push forward, and hopefully find ourselves on the other side enjoying the more enlightened Mars/Uranus energy of breakthrough, inspiration, and insight. All this is preparing us for the Mars ruled Aries Lunar Eclipse on October 8th which is activating a beautiful Kite Formation. Change is inevitable this month! More on that to come! Lets hope we can make it through the next 48hrs with some grace and as little collateral damage as possible.


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