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New Moon in Gemini May 25th 2017

admin Satori Nation Saturday, May 20th 2017.

Don't jump to conclusions

Get the facts straight - your own especially

Try not to react rashly or take anything too personally

Conflicting info

Beware of distractions

Messages through dreams may be magnified

Though this is a New Moon, it may be hard to realize it as so much information (or more likely pieces of it) are coming to the surface making this feel like a time of Full Moon revelations. This alerts us to the fact that the Full Moon will be extra active when it comes to information and revelations. The Full Moon on June 9th in Sagittarius will be the culmination of all that occurs this lunar month. Think of the axiom “What the New Moon promises, the Full Moon brings.” So it is best to wait until that time to act on and draw any conclusions from the cluster *uck of information coming our way.

We will be interacting/communicating with other people more than any other time this year. We will meet new folks and reconnect with people that we haven't seen or heard from in years, this can go either way. Long lost friends and relatives, some of whom are no longer welcome in our lives, will return and expect to be treated with honor and respect, even if they don't have it coming. Though it may be tempting to put them on blast, it is important to do our best to be as diplomatic as possible because these people can cause real trouble in our daily lives. Look out for people who are easily offended, have an inflated sense of importance, or are looking for revenge for past actions on our part, even if we did nothing wrong-sociopathic energy. The phrase “you made me feel….” will be the trigger word to look out for this month. No one can make anyone feel anything, but some people will never recognize that fact.

The energy brought about by relationships past crashing into our present can bring up a lot memories - both pleasant and unpleasant. It is important that in this social whirlwind we are about to step into, that we find or create a space and time to be alone with our thoughts, but it may be difficult to come by. We will see others expect our presence and to be entertained, this calls for a delicate balance between social grace and strong boundaries.

We will hear a lot of gossip, and we should try to refrain from repeating it because but it may not be true or at least not the whole truth, and it will just cause a lot of trouble.

As advisors of Satori Nation, Marie and I understand how this time can be difficult and everyone may need a little help. We will be on standby as much as possible and have several promotions to get everyone where they need to be this month.  We are here to help you gauge incoming information, help you see beyond the veils and offer a safe place to vent frustrations. We look forward to assisting all of you in any way we can.

by Diana Black