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GinaAnn Gina Ann Wednesday, November 21st 2012.

Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can't imagine. I get a lot of clients asking if the "other" person is going to change. It's an interesting question even though it's not the right question. Because to want someone else to change goes against all the laws of the universe. And this is not limted to personal relationships -- it's trying to change all the situations we have no control over that puts us on a negative path.

I once worked in a publishing house where the environment was somewhat oppressive. And although I tried to implement changes to make everyone's workday a better one, I was up against a boss who ruled with an iron fist and nurtured a culture of mediocrity. After a number of attempts, I decided on another strategy. I accepted everything just the way it was and started to change the way I looked at the situation -- because the only thing I had control over was myslf.

Well, what happened next was just short of miraculous. Within a year I was the highest paid editor there. I received bonuses when others did not; I came and went as I pleased, and the boss left me alone to do my job.

I didn't stay there because the atmosphere was still oppressive but since I was in control of my own life, I knew I had choices.

Now, when I pray for help it's for myself -- I put myself in a state of acceptance and trust that spirit knows what I need, not what I want.