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7 Signs That He is Cheating

brenda Brenda Howell Saturday, October 13th 2012.

When women go to experts and friends for relationship help, many times their relationship questions end up steering the conversation towards one increasingly popular topic of discussion among today’s dating scene: infidelity.

Any guy who’s ever cheated knows it: no matter how good of an actor he is, it is incredibly difficult for him not to behave differently around you once he has started having an affair with another woman. It just doesn’t work.

Dividing his affection between two lovers is inescapably taxing on him. If he spends all of his romantic energy on another woman, he’ll have less energy for you. It simply takes too much effort for him to keep up the act. His patterns of behavior inevitably change. Telltale signs start becoming apparent despite his best efforts to conceal his secret.

1. He Starts Being Mean

One of the most common signs that a man is cheating is that he suddenly starts treating you like crap for no apparent reason. He bursts out in anger over little things, or seems generally uninterested or apathetic towards you, whereas before he was always happy and excited to see you.

For many unfaithful men, lashing out is a way of dealing with their guilt. When he gets home after having just had sex with another other woman, it is hard for him to look you in the eye and be affectionate and pretend like everything is alright. Thus, he resorts to being mean to avoid confronting his own guilt.

It could also be that, by being mean, he is subconsciously trying to get you to dump him so that he can be free to spend his time with someone else without feeling like jerk, hypocritical as that might seem.

2. He Starts Being Too Nice…

On the flipside, if your guy is cheating, he might start being suspiciously nice all of a sudden. Whereas before there was an unspoken comfortableness to your relationship, and outspoken displays of affection came only once in a while, now he starts buying you roses, hugging you and kissing you all the time, treating you like the most beautiful woman in the world, paying for the whole dinner tab instead of the usual half, etc.

Now, this would all be fine and dandy except that you don’t really see what could have possibly brought about the change. And when you ask him why he’s become so romantic, he gets defensive about his answer. “What do you mean?” he’ll say. “I can’t treat my girlfriend like she deserves without getting cross-examined?”

3. He Stops Answering his Cellphone in Front of You

It used to be that when the two of you were watching TV, or out having lunch, his cell would ring and he’d answer it right in front of you, just like you would if your cell phone rang. If the person on the other line asked what he was doing, he would openly tell them that he was watching TV/having lunch with you.

But now, more and more often, his cellphone will ring and he’ll either sound very uncomfortable and elusive when conversing with the person on the other line, or he’ll simply reject the calls outright. When you ask who it was, he hesitates before giving you the name of one of his buddies and a half-ass excuse as to why he didn’t want to talk to him just now. Or, worse, he gets defensive and asks why you’re asking him such a question.

Eventually, he just leaves his phone on silent mode whenever he’s around you. When you ask him about it, he starts telling you that you’re insecure and suspicious and that a good girlfriend wouldn’t question her guy so much. This knee-jerk counter-accusation is one of the most telling signs of a cheater.

4. He’s Not the Same in Bed

Out of nowhere, he starts changing his sexual behavior. He starts doing positions and techniques he’s never done with you before. Suddenly he’s a sex machine that can go for hours and he’s developed an interest in exploring certain fetishes you never knew he had.

Where did he learn all this stuff? Well, either he wanted to spice things up and has been spending a lot of time studiously pouring over the books in the Sex and Relationships aisle at Barnes & Noble, or… he’s cheating.

He could be learning all these new things from another woman and using them on you. Again, if you ask him about where his unexpected sexual awakening sprung from, he’ll usually get defensive or elusive about the answer.

On the flipside of things, he might start doing the exact opposite. He will have no energy for sex when he comes home, having spent most of it elsewhere. He will be disinterested in you physically. Suddenly his kisses are less frequent and less passionate. No more tongue or playfulness.

5. He Suddenly Cares about His Appearance

So you’ve been together a while, and have come to accept, and even love, each other’s imperfections. He’s grown a bit of a paunch and you’ve started to care less about your love handles and both of you are okay with this.

Then he starts working out. A lot. Suddenly he cares about his abs and biceps in a way that he didn’t before. He starts showering twice daily and buying new kinds of cologne.

This new found interest in his appearance could be a sign that he’s cheating, especially if he doesn’t seem particularly pleased when you start complementing his newly sculpted chest or shoulders. He might just give you a little smile and a token “Thanks, babe.” If so, then it probably means that his new makeover is meant not for you, but for someone else.

6. Everything is suddenly Password Protected

His laptop, his cell phone, his email, his online networking accounts, they’re all password protected. Before, if he forgot to check something before heading off to work, he would call you up and ask you to log in to his account for him and look up something real quick. Now he is incredibly protective about everything, and once again, he gets defensive when you question him, accusing you of being too nosy or insecure or inconsiderate of his newly realized privacy.

7. You Have this Gut Feeling

Sometimes, it comes down to a gut feeling. Something just doesn’t feel right and you know it, and you can’t really explain it. Maybe on the surface, things seem fine, but there is a strange nagging in the back of your head that you just can’t shake off. A lot of times, even if he isn’t cheating, this gut feeling will have some validity to it. But before you freak out and call up a phone psychic, if you sense that something is wrong between you two, just ask him about it. Not in an accusatory manner, but in a way that lets him know that you are genuinely concerned and want things to be better and for him to be happy. His answer will help you determine what this feeling you’ve been having is about.

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