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Ace of Disks - I am in harmony with the pulse of the planet

mediumMarie Medium Marie Friday, September 14th 2012.

The Ace of Disks marks, on the every day level, the start of a new project, which is likely to be sucessful. On a more spiritual level, the Ace of Disks relates to the Earth, and to the appreciation of Nature. It might mark a period where we draw closer to environmental issues, or where we engage in a period of study, contemplation and alignment with Earth forces and ourselves.

One thing that we often overlook, when considering spiritual development, is the way that each development grows out of the last. As though we grow spiritually from the inside, similiar to the way trees grow. The outer ring, just under the bark could not exist without all the others which procede it. We're basically the same.

The growth and development of the past years has lead us to who we are today. The topic that we are exploring today has grown from all of the earlier topics we have explored and pondered. Our experience is formed in layers, each of which is inter-dependent with the earlier ones. The Ace of Disks relates very closely with this method of human development - it shows us the way we grow. And warns us against trying to skep any of the stages. This is a remarkably optimistic card, which usually heralds an exciting period of progress, whether spiritually or materially.

Take time to look at the land you find yourself in. Take notice of the season, and its effects on nature. Look at the sky, during the day and at night. As you open your eyes, you will not only look, but you will feel. See the clouds, watch the way they move in relation to the planet. Taste the air. Touch the wind. Allow yourself to grow closer to the Earth. Feel the Earths secret rhythm, which so often falls beyond the threshold of the human awareness. Allow yourself to be close to nature and yourself. As you do so, reflect on the past experiences that have brought you to this place.

Affirmation: I am in harmony with the pulse of the planet.

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