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Venus direct in Pisces - Understanding soul connections and relationships

admin Satori Nation Sunday, April 16th 2017.

After forty-two days in Retrograde, Venus is finally direct and entered Pisces. This means that these lasts few weeks, the relationships (and finances) in your life might have felt like they were going sideways. 

It's a great time to receive a relationship reading to discover what could come up for you in the next few weeks; and understand deeper the lessons Venus has left for you!

As Venus goes direct she leaves behind lessons of self-love.Hopefully we learned the lessons we were meant to review and dis/re- connected with karmic ties in love and money. If we had a falling out or took a break with anyone fated for us they will be coming back around within the next few weeks. It will be time to adjust our relationships with Venus retrograde had to offer.

Now that Venus is direct in Pisces - we feel the desire to let go of what weighs us down, to flow, to let go, to be one with the whole, to feel more than to do, to clean and to process ... Regenerate ourselves to restart.

Reconnect with our emotions, our inner voice, with our soul. - Restart female mysticism. We are muses, we are magic. In our subtlety our strength is made. Surround yourself with people who you connect with spiritually, people who will teach great lessons and help to clear karma. 

What a fantastic time to look deeper at your soul and soul connections.

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