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Valentine's Day - Courageous Full Moon In Leo

LaraNoel Lara Wednesday, February 12th 2014.

What could be more Romantic and Passionate than a Full Moon in Leo exactly on Valentines day, on Friday, which happens to be the day of Venus! We are either lucky that we have a full weekend to seep into the bliss of Valentines day gone fabulous, or mope for two whole days before work begins again if your Valentines day took a turn for the worse. Personally, i’ve never put much emphasis on this hallmark holiday, but since the Full Moon is falling on this day, and is in Trine to passionate Mars in Libra, Venus’s ruling sign, and falls on the day of Venus, it had to mentioned at least once. Lets move on from Valentines day, but not necessarily from discussing the emphasis on the Love, Creativity, and Passion that a Full Moon in Leo naturally brings. 


First lets reflect on all that’s transpired since our powerful New Moon in Aquarius and Chinese New Year when Venus turned Direct and Jupiter Opposed Pluto… The time between the New and Full Moons is about taking action toward the new insights and intentions we seeded on the New Moon and bringing them to fruition during the Full Moon. The Aquarius New Moon was all about New Vision and New Beginnings and probably a lot was focused around Love and Work Relationships or Finances with Venus in Capricorn Stationing Direct. What new intentions and awarenesses have you been working on making real in your life? If you’ve been ignoring your insights and not living out your truth, this Full Moon is going to bring a Reality Check.


Why would this typically Fun-Filled and Romantic Full Moon in Leo bring a Reality Check? Because its Squaring our good ol’ friend Saturn. There is a very Sobering quality to this otherwise Joyfully Blissed-Out Full Moon that is associated with True Love. This doesn’t mean that all Romance will come to screeching halt, although this may happen. It does mean that the Romance or Passion you feel for someone may either be a clear YES, or a clear NO. Asking us to Commit more fully to the relationship and work through the issues, or to break away or take some time off. 


The Full Moon in Leo is also about Courage and Risk Taking. It is the Sign of the Lion, after all, who faces each Saturnine Obstacle with Self-confidence, Creative Vision, and a healthy sense of Identity. Leo is about the courage to be yourself. The Courage to express your creativity. The courage to tell another how you feel. whether its saying “i love you” or saying, “this isn’t working.” And with Mercury in Aquarius so closely aspecting this Full Moon in Opposition, we may be expressing the truth of how we are feeling. Mars in Libra will also be in close Sextile to this Full Moon and in Trine to Mercury. This could be a time of Passionate and Playful Conversations, since Leo demands time for Fun and Leisure. Or our Conversations could be bringing up Hidden Resentments and the nature of Give and Take in our Relationships.


Of course we need to be careful how we communicate. Mercury Retrograde and in aspect to Mars could make our words and how we express our truth come across with an edge of anger or disconnection and aloofness. But its a great time to revisit feelings and conversations about our relationships and get clear on whats going on so we can continue building a solid foundation or let go completely. The North Nodes shift into Libra in a few days will be bringing this issue of commitment to our relationships to the front of our reality. Right now we are doing the Prerequisite work. 


And as much as Leo is about love, it is also about our creative drive and our capacity to Create Joy, Love and Art in our life. Its our Creative Spark! So its a great time to also get clear on your Creative Business projects or Artistic Visions. With the help of the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn in Scorpio, we can put ourselves out there and network, and channel our Artistic Vision into something Concrete and Real. 


We all love Leo’s Big Presence, Big Generosity and Big Strong Hugs. However, when Leo's out of balance, we can let our Big Pride and Big Ego get the best of us. If we Hold on too tightly to our Ego, we loose our Humanity, Humility and Generosity and become Selfish and Self-Centered. We see Love as “My Love” and our creativity as “My Creativity” and loose sight that both Love and Creativity originate from something bigger than ourselves that we are channeling and bringing forth in physical form through our beings in our own unique way. If we can offer our Love and Creative Gifts to others with this perspective in mind, we bypass the Need for Attention or the need to receive something in return. 


Of course we are human and we do have Ego’s, but we can practice holding this perspective more in our life. Love and Creativity are offered up with Humility and Generosity, Received by others with Acknowledgment and Appreciation, and Returned back to us. We can open to Receive this deep feeling of Appreciation and Love from others which Drives us to keep Sharing our creative gifts and offering Love. Love and Creativity are what drives the Life Force of the Universe. It is the Creative Circle of Life. 


I am obviously on a creative roll today seeing how much i was inspired to write about our Lovely Leo Full Moon which happens to be Trining my Fiery and Creative Natal Moon in Sagittarius. i’m hoping we can all have passionate and loving Full Moon, but in case Saturn throws a wet blanket on you fire, i hope you can at least channel you inspiration towards something Creative and Fun!