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Vision of a reading

LEIGH LEIGH HEALS WITH LOVE Saturday, December 1st 2012.

What is a reading? A reading involves many tiers. First, it's a connection with the client. Second, it's a level of understanding with the client that you are there to help and provide support.

Many callers have the misconception that a reading is only about predictions and "the final outcome". Where predictions are only a small part of the whole. This misconception stems from media hype that a "psychic" is suppose to tell you what color your partners eyes are, what street they are on at 6pm, and when will they call next. WRONG!

A reading involves intuition, depth, enlightenment, and guidance. Getting to the root of the clients spirit and giving the appropriate tools to get to their desired headspace in order to prepair one for their journey onward. When I can get the client to understand what it takes for them to follow the proper patterns, then the predictions can follow. The predictions of the future, are only a part of the puzzle.

Allow yourself the enjoyment of the reading to take yourself to a higher level of consiousnes. Let us assist helping you find solutions to what currently is not working. Awaken your senses to the possibility that the reason you are calling in the first place is because you are looking for direction. Allow yourself  to understand the responsibility of your actions in any given situation, and what you can do differently to promote a positive outcome. This is when the healing begins. The steps you take make for a life changing experience.

A reading is not always about timing. Time evolves, in addition to free will. YES, any given situation will change when you change the circumstance. The time will flow when the time is right. rush, manipulate, control, will only delay an outcome. Timing is a process, not the result. Give yourselves the TIME to break free of the patterns that interfere with your journey, and explore what your patterns are, so you don't continue acting within the same vicious cycle. Admit it, my friends, it is not working in your favor.

I want every reading I do to inspire you to take your power back!

Would you like to reflect on how your past actions brought you to where you are today? Call Leigh Heals with Love.