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What is the best time to get a psychic reading?

Zanzitanzi Empath Carmen Wednesday, May 15th 2013.

Calling an empath can be done at any time, even when the person you are calling about is asleep.  The 'twillight hour' is the richest time for the connection - this occurs after a phone call or a meeting with with them. It usually takes a few minutes *( from about 10 minutes and up to two days ) to move out of the person’s emotional signature and energy, and this is when it's best to 'grab' it.

It’s kind of like coasting on the wave of that person. At some point both of you will disengage, and that leads to another, different form of reading the situation.

What I mean by that is that when I first read the person that you have connected with, I am getting all their impressions of your meeting or relationship. This means I get the more intense version of the emotional connection, and it is also not necessarily organised, so if you are on a decision making path, this person’s decision making capacity may be temporarily scattered, as they are still connecting with your influential energy.

The second best time to read for someone, is when they have calmed down, and left your emotional energy. This person’s hormones and brain processes have settled enough for them to make decisions, or to come off of ‘the lover’s high’ for example. This is the truest reading, as the person’s emotions will have settled, and I get the most direct and truest sense of where they feel the relationship is going.

If you want a positive review of your relationship, it is best not to call right after a fight! Their intentions at this are not necessarily genuine, as the person is reacting to your exchange, and defences and insecurities skew the true feelings of the person. I may pick up more negativity than at any other time, but this can be a clearer reflection on your outcome.

This can give me a good idea of what that person is not prepared to do, as it will show me where they are very resistant and where the problems really lie. This is useful in figuring out people’s defences.

So I would say: If you want to know how the person feels about you, you can call right after you have conversed – this is the time to get the most information on the person, as it is the most intense. On the other hand it may be exaggerated. Calling many months of even years after seeing or speaking to a person is possible, though I may get less information about you, because their focus has usually changed.

 If you want to know the person’s intentions about your future, sometimes waiting for a couple of days is recommended. Their planning and organisational intentions come out at this point.

And lastly, if you want to know how much work they are willing to put into a problematic relationship, calling after a fight can be helpful. This too is not a guarantee, as often waiting a few days, allowing the person to calm down, can be a truer reflection of their attitude, though it usually is very similar to the attitude during the fight.