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SatoriNation Satori Nation Tuesday, February 23rd 2010.

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Thurs. Nov 11, 2010 two members will be randomly selected to receive a free 30 minute psychic reading over the phone through the live-advice secure phone system. Contest winners will need to be a registered member. You must be 18 year old or older to become a member. membership is free!


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    Fri. Nov 12, 2010 - Two members will be randomly chosen to receive a FREE 30 minute psychic session - a $150.00 value! Contest winners will be notified by e-mailed and announced on Facebook and Twitter.


What our members are saying:

Photo Lynn Miller:
Psychic - Call Now!

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Announcing: Lifetime's America's Psychic Challenge semi-finalist Lynn Miller at Lynn is known in the field to encompass most areas and is able to perform as a Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsensient,and Clairaudient.

Photo Maggy White:
Psychic - Call Now!

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"Woooooowwww. I LIKE MAGGY!! After almost 2 years of using various psychics for the varying types of readings available, Maggy is the all in one. She can compassionately read a situation with subtle insights into relationship or details about a work opportunity, but then has such accuracy and clarity around future predictions, with sensitivity (and stark truth!) that leaves you with empowered choice. She has become the one reader that can answer all my questions, whether seeking insight, exploring an issue, asking for a tool or future prediction - she delivers. What a gift. Take my word from someone who has a lot of experience with readings, she is the person to call. :)" - Mike

Photo Empath Carmen Miro:

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Carmen was able to zoom right to the heart of the matter in no time with her soft spoken wisdom and genuine explanations. I believe what she said to be true and I will contact her again as the end of the year comes nearer. Thank you, Carmen, and be well...

Photo Gitanjali:
Transformational Healing!

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Before speaking to Gita, I spent the past two days wallowing in my own self pitty/anger from being broken up with this past week. Gita, I am so grateful for our session. ... after all the energy work you did, I had an amazing peaceful night sleep as well as woke up this morning feeling almost relieved from my heavy heart. You have helped me speed the process of healing. My heart today wasn't heavy, and I wasn't distracted by all the mental questions I've been plaguing myself with since the breakup.

Photo Medium Marie:
Accurate Future and Psychic Predictions!

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"I probably should have shared this a long time ago - but I knew I had the right person in Marie when I spoke with her one day, and she had told me I would run into someone special, who is a professor and also she said she feels something to do with on-line. It confused me at the time, but the VERY NEXT EVENING I ran into this guy I had met online who is indeed a professor, that I had forgotten all about... I about fainted. Everything Marie has said to me is spot on and so accurate it's crazy. I am a 100% believer in your gift Marie - thank you so much for your guidance and just being so kind, and being honest no matter what - you rock girl!" - B

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