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Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars?

vicd108 Vic DiCara - Astrologer Tuesday, March 9th 2010.

Women are Venus and Men are Mars.

Study the astrological theories of what those planets are and you will see that this concept is valid. It also illustrates that the crowning glory of femininity is to make the world a place worth living in – for all human beings.

Astrologically, Venus’ main motivation is to make the real world a better place. Therefore she creates peace by instilling love, harmony and cooperation. Mars on the other hand desires to command the world and conquer it. He therefore creates wars as a result of selfishness and the aggressions which invariably ensure.

Venus is the primary source of estrogen and Mars the primary source of testosterone (entering the realm of medical astrology). You can verify this by observing the distinct effects of the the two hormones. Estrogen creates a harmonizing, beneficial, pleasant and peaceful motivation, taking pains upon itself to do so, in fact. Testosterone, on the other hand, creates a self-oriented ambition, along with the aggression, enthusiasm, and drive required to achieve that ambition.

I never read the book, Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars. But the title is great, and very valid.